Women’s Rights & Immigration

Women’s Rights & Immigration

Originally from Atlanta, GA, she relocated to Los Angeles for her film career and is currently pursuing her master’s degree in Clinical Psychology at Pepperdine University. She is a mother to her one-year-old daughter, Amelie, and wife to actor/director Ravi Patel. She serves as a volunteer with the St. Francis Center and is certified as a postpartum doula.


Personally, women’s rights are at the front and center of where my passions lie. Now that I have a daughter, I care more than I ever have about securing a fair and equal world for her to live in. Additionally, I am the daughter of an immigrant from Afghanistan. I care deeply about the future of all Americans, including the ones who were not born here. Vote What Matters has been an incredible outlet for me to be able to further educate myself and help educate others. My goals with Vote What Matters are to empower and educate youth so that they become informed and conscious voters to ensure a brighter future for our world.

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