Gun Control & Civil Rights

Gun Control & Civil Rights

Though she has always been politically engaged, Carina was inspired to more actively work toward social change in 2010, when, as a journalist, she interviewed high-profile activists about their experiences following the BP oil spill, organizing and participating in multiple fundraisers for aid to the Gulf region. After leaving journalism behind to pursue a career as a television writer (“The Originals,” “The Flash”) Carina has been dedicated to increasing diverse on-screen representation for women, LGBT characters, and characters of color. She is currently writing and executive producing an untitled pilot for The CW about the young Mexican-American daughter of undocumented immigrants who returns to her conservative hometown amidst political turmoil.


These days, I’m very focused on gun control and police reform — strategies that have been proven by other countries to prevent the loss of innocent life that has become a near-daily occurrence in modern America. Also, hailing from a family of incredibly kind, progressive, and charitable Muslim people, I am deeply troubled by our current administration’s “travel ban” and increasingly xenophobic immigration policies.

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