Affordable Housing & Healthcare.

Affordable Housing & Heathcare

Brittany was born and raised in The Carolinas for most of her childhood. She moved to Los Angeles in pursuit of an acting career over 15 years ago. Even though Brittany considers California to be her home now, her entire family still resides in South Carolina. The initial interest in voting participation came from her lack of awareness for much of her life. In the last couple of years, Brittany has found a passion for politics, but more importantly, she is passionate that all Americans participate in electing the representatives of our country. That way our citizens can feel more in control of their own lives and circumstances.


Having come from a financially modest background, I am focused on trying to gain more affordable housing and healthcare in our country. My success in film and television over the years has given me the opportunity to help provide for my family, but not everyone is that fortunate. There are so many families in this country that are struggling financially and need to feel protected by the policies our government has in place. I have a younger sister who is a new mother, and both she and her husband struggle to make enough money in order to afford a roof over their head and decent healthcare, while still pursuing an education. My mother works in government housing to provide for the homeless, and in the last year, she has seen a major budget cut. They are no longer able to help nearly as many people. I have encouraged my family to educate themselves on local representatives that would support causes that directly affect them. Slowly, they have become inspired to be the change they want to see in the world. I know that every American has faced adversity in some way, and I want there to be hope for us all. This is my personal cause, and I encourage you to find what matters to you!

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